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Submit a full length collection of poems, essays, stories, novella, novel, memoir, or hybrid (with exception to 4-colour art / text hybrids).  Please indicate in the title of your submission which genre you feel best describes it.

We are seeking: vivid imagery and the balance of abstract to concrete imagery, the capacity to surprise, an elastic syntax, pace, and music, thematic cohesiveness and the emotional range and maturity, deft handling of highly charged emotion, use of wit, humor, and self-implication, choice and use of extended metaphor, skillfully juxtaposing the micro and the macro, and more.

A narrative thread is OK. Associative is more exciting to us than linear thinking, but a walking bass helps. Plot is a suggestion. We want texture. Either go Anna Karenina deep or use a lot of surfaces. We want to engage with your writing. 

We prefer novellas build to one crescendo, and novels build to two or three crescendos. We prefer short story collections occur more or less in the same year, even if you spent 20 years finishing them out. We prefer poetry collections between 52 and 80 pages. 

Please include a brief artist statement. Let your shoes give away that you're hiding behind the curtain.

We've been doing books since 1979. Please don't send us something that's way too outside our beats. Please use great care in choosing where to send your manuscript. No press wants to be the wall for your spaghetti.

Galileo Press awards a negotiated stipend upon acceptance, 20 copies, standard royalties, distribution,  and promotion. 

Agents are welcome, but not required.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.