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Submit a chapbook collection of poems, essays, stories, or hybrid (with exception to 4-colour art / text hybrids). Please indicate in the title of your submission which genre you feel best describes it.

We are seeking a fresh burst of writing. We are not interested in a Best-of 20 years' worth of orphan poems. Projects are OK as long as they are deeply personal--no manuscripts about Cenozoic rock formations at this time. Despite being personal, please find a way to transfer your ideas to others so that your words can open everyone's blossom, not just your own.

Please include a brief artist statement. Let your shoes give away that you're hiding behind the curtain. 

Galileo Press awards $200 upon acceptance of the final draft, 20 copies, swag, and old school royalties.

Please note an important change to our guidelines: an "appealing, confident voice" is no longer needed.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.