Ends in 2 days, 6 hours

$16.00 USD

Submit a full length collection of poems, essays, stories, novella, novel, or hybrid (with exception to 4-colour art / text hybrids). Unlike our late Spring reading period, manuscripts should be buttoned up and ready to sail.

We are seeking: vivid imagery and the balance of abstract to concrete imagery, the capacity to surprise, an elastic syntax, pace, and music, thematic cohesiveness and the emotional range and maturity, deft handling of highly charged emotion, use of wit, humor, and self-implication, choice and use of extended metaphor, skillfully juxtaposing the micro and the macro, and more. Please include a brief artist statement (pull back the curtain with one or two tugs). 

Galileo Press awards $500 upon acceptance of the final draft, standard royalties, distribution through either Pathway Books or Small Press Distribution, 1/3 page ads in Poets & Writers, etc.

Please note an important change to our guidelines: an "appealing, confident voice" is no longer needed.